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No two properties are the same. Our sales team has the knowledge to maximize the value of the property you are selling. From market appraisal to innovative promotion, and excellent after sales service, we deliver results.

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Property Hunter team will guide you through purchase process,drawing from their wealth of experience in the local market, ensuring that you get the best possible result with the least amount of stress.

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Before pricing and advise about the value of any property, we do in-depth evaluation and market analysis, inspection,in addition to the professional advice from our experienced advisors.


We offer our investors a wide range of opportunities for making big gain, for long term and for short term as well . Whether your target is residential investments or investing in commercial properties, we are ready to assist you to secure property wealth .


Since it's establishment, our activity is guided and operated under the laws, rules and regulations of the state of QATAR, with up-to-date legally binding documents, in accordance with the laws.

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For VIP investors to help them achieve their financial goals and objectives, we provide exclusive platform with wide selection of valuable investment opportunities.


Our team represented by operation department work closely with our buyers, sellers, bankers simultaneously to facilitate a hustle free financial transactions and ensure smooth sale process.

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Setting the right price is the most important step when selling your home, which requires market analysis, and expert. Our dedicated marketing team conduct up regular market analysis and provide insights
into current market using powerful and innovative tools.

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Buying a Property in Qatar

Are you a first time home buyer willing to live in Qatar? Over the past few years, Qatar has undergone remarkable transformation in terms of economic growth and the development of its environment.

And now Qatar is ranked one of the safest countries along with top ranked as one of the ...

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Are you thinking of selling your home?

You maybe in that stage of your life when you’ve made the final decision of selling your home but you’re not sure how to get started.

We’re here to help you! Before you mark the final decision of selling your home and know its time. Know that real estate agencies will take care...

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Why Buy an Off-plan Property?

Are you an investor and willing to buy an attractive property? You’ve come to a right place. Off-plan properties are the most advantageous form of property buying.

If you’re ready to buy an off-plan property, Here’s what you need to consider

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Are you a First-time Home buyer ?

Are you an anticipated buyer ready to claim a property your own but looking for slight assistance in order to help you to step on the right stair?

You’re at the right place!

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Investing in Real Estate or Stock Market

Real estate or Stock Market?
Why invest in real estate and not a stock market?
The answer isn't as easy as it may seem because each investment has it's
unique aspects of investments. The main thing to consider is making the right
investment for a right amount of profi...

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Expat Life in Qatar

Are you a foreigner and planning to move to Qatar? Are you wondering what it's like to live as an expat in Qatar?

Here's a good thing to know, Qatar welcomes various foreigners such as young graduates and professionals to who are wishing to gain experience and pursuing their career i...

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How long should I expect to keep a property before I make a profit?

How long should I expect to keep a property before I make a profit?

Regardless of the reasons behind your investments, I believe in a general strategy to invest with the initial objective to hold the asset for an initial period of a minimum 5 -7 years following delivery. During that ...

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Invest in Pearl or Lusail Choice is Yours

Need clarity Lusail or the pearl where should I buy?

If you are a cash buyer I would definitely recommend to pick up one of the prime property in Porto Arabia or Viva Bahria the LAP is already widely developed and ready to yield within the pearl currently transacting 15 -20 % below at...

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Invest Your Time and Money Wisely

Loyal sellers and buyers are respected and prioritized by professional real estate companies

Time equals value when buying or selling a new home

The year 2019 has come to an end I like to take a brief moment to reflect on time verses real-estate investment. When you ar...

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Lusail next stop !

Lusail next stop !
What area and what type of residential property can I Buy in Lusail?

Lusail is the talk of the town as the newest kid in class, but lets reflect upon what opportunities and benefits investors need to look for.

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Off-plan or Ready Property Pros and Cons

Off-plan or Ready Property Pros and Cons
Many investors are reflecting if this good time to invest and buy new real estate in Doha Qatar. But what to buy today in 2020 Qatar, with so many options to chose from off plan as ready properties.

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Payment plan with zero interest was trending in Qatar 2019

Payment plan with zero interest was trending in Qatar 2019

Tailored payment plans offered with zero interests were trending in 2019 and are expected to continue on properties for sale into 2020. Low down payments combined with monthly installments are stimulating the investme...

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How Can I Still Make A Solid Profit Buying in Qatar

In Qatar region the population is still growing and was just a few years ago in an undersupply of good real-estate that affected sale prices and rent to increase YOY in double figures.

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The Pearl Qatar Destination of Lifestyle

The Pearl Qatar

The pearl is today the largest delivered freehold waterfront development available in Qatar. Variety of size and quality throughout the different districts are available on resale and within new projects launched.

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Why Diversify Your Investments?

Why diversify your investments?

Seems logic not to invest all your savings on one share in Qatar stock market correct? You diversify on low risk medium to high risk the same should be applied when you buy to invest in Real Estate. Cash out your hard earned money and buy the right pro...

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Why Rent Office When You Can Buy It!

Lusail Commercial space

Commercial space is now available for sale within Lusail marina. A rare concept, which deserves deeper reflection and evaluation. Without discussion the pressure on available commercial space for rent, is and will continue to increase over the coming y...

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Need To Know About Qatar

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Real Estate is The Best Long Term Investment

What is the best long-term investment and is now the time to invest in real estate in Qatar, this question is on minds of majority of experienced and new investors.

The short answer is yes it’s the time to buy the tricky part is what to buy?


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Is Real Estate The Most Lucrative Business Venture Today?

Many of us tend to associate the real estate business with the rich or those born from privileged backgrounds.
But little did you know that you can be an investor in the real estate industry without owning property?

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Technology in Real Estate

The 21st Century innovation ecosystem is profoundly changing every aspect of brokering business in the real estate industry, creating new business models and a new class of digital customers. Businesses that will thrive in this context are those that will evolve by integrating technology to...

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