Need To Know About Qatar



Lusail City is the most modern, comprehensive designed real-estate project development in Qatar, with complete vision for future residential and commercial arena designed to be built over 38 square kilometers, Lusail City includes 19 multi-purpose districts in addition to 4 exclusive islands, public marinas, two commercial towers, 22 hotels.
The purpose of this uniques development arena in Qatar is to provide top modern living stile for 200,000 residents, in addition to 170,000 employees, the total estimated capacity of Lusail City in Qatar including the expected visitors may reach to 450 thousands people.
This combination of unique features in LUSAIL CITY Qatar is the main factor to consider this project is one of the best potential investment opportunities in Qatar and the region.

Ranked as one of the largest real-estate developments in the Middle East, the Pearl Qatar was built over a total area of 4 million square meters of reclaimed land ..
The Pearl Qatar consist of 10 districts with various types of houses including studios, 1-3 bed rooms apartments, villas, low-rise buildings, town houses with more than 350 shops that are operating with international brands of fashion products, cars, coffee shops and restaurants which makes a unique luxury living and shopping experience.
The Pearl Qatar won several international awards (2018-2019 best mixed-used development award) in addition to the award-winning marina and beautiful beatches.

West Bay Lagoon, also known as Leqtaifiy; is a district of Doha, the capital city of Qatar. Locates in the area from Doha Corniche to West Bay Lagoon has one of the most expensive luxury villas in Doha on one side were the other side has low rises buildings.
The luxury waterfront villas are giving the area a unique living environment, as additional advanced facilities these properties are available to be owned by non-qataris citizens.

Registered as the highest and largest residential zig-zag twin towers in the world, Zig Zag Towers (or the dancing towers) has an attractive seaside between the Lusail district and the Pearl.
The 34 floors of the ZIG-ZAG tower have a view of the Arabian Gulf from one side and the landscape of Doha on the other. Both towers are communicated through the exclusive Lagoona Mall.

Classified as the first sustainable downton regenerated project, MSHEIREB DOWNTOWN DOHA - QATAR become an architectural and cultural modernized icon inspired by traditional heritage, were the advanced designs touch the response of the climate challenges, modern simple solutions of living and transportation and sustainable latest technologies.
MSHEIREB DOWNTOWN Project in Doha - Qatar turned this are to a new enjoyable living and shopping through the modernized residence and commercial spots of the downtown developement vision and designs.

Top international banks and well established local banks which already have an international operations are operating in the State of Qatar benefiting form the advanced infrastructure and growing economy that required professional banking services that meets international standards, the real estate sector and investors can benefit from the packages of financing facilities that are available for financing this sector investment.
Local citizens and foreigners that have a working visa in Qatar with a strong profiles can easily access to the financing services for their real-estate investments,
The financing services can be approached through banking institutions and through real-estate developers as well were some real-estate developers can provide settlements plans for the purchase of their properties. For more information please ask our professional team for consulting and advice.

In addition to the residence permits of working visas both investors and employees in Qatar, Visit Visas are applicable to tourists, who intend to spend more than 14 days in Qatar, and those coming for family visits as well as those on long-term business visit. It requires the sponsorship of a resident in Qatar or any company or hotel licensed to operate within the country.
The Ministry of Interior in Qatar offers various types of entry visas including, visa-on-arrival, visa-in-advance, electronic notification etc., based on the laws and regulations . The applicant should possess a valid passport indicating minimum six month duration and a return ticket or onward ticket. Some countries may also require hotel reservation, cash or credit card too.
Visa-free entry to Qatar:

Visitors from more than 80 nationalities are allowed visa-free entry into Qatar, permitting varying stay duration. Nationals of these countries do not require a prior visa when visiting Qatar, and can obtain a visa waiver on arrival to Qatar, upon presenting a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months and a confirmed onward or return ticket.

And as the list of the these countries could be updated at any time, we advise to check with the QATARI embassies and consulates in your country to know if your nationality is included in the list of Visa Free Entry Nationalities to Qatar or check the requirements of issuing a visiting visa.

4.1. Dune bashing
Driving across the desert is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Qatar, several companies provides this service for tourists by an experienced drivers will pick you up from your hotel to go through unforgettable adventure by driving over the sand dunes to the sea, you can choose to spend half day, full day or spend a night in luxury Arabian tents and sleep under the amazing stars in a special overnight adventure.

4.2. Visiting Souq Waqif
An iconic spot for entertainment, dinning and shopping area is one of the preferable destinations for locals, foregin residences and visiting tourists in Qatar, the development of Souq Waqif in Doha was inspired by the historical and cultural factors.
Souq Waqif in Qatar includes a mix of restaurants (Syrian, Lenbaneese, shisha lounges and different types of traditional hand made workshops. It is highly recommended spending a wonderful and enjoyable time in Souq Waqif -Qatar.

4.3. Visiting the Museum of Islamic Art - Qatar
Museum of Islamic Art in Doha - Qatar is a very important destination to visit in Qatar, this museum is orient to focus on the arts during the islamic civilization as it includes the largest collection of Islamic art in the world.
Visitors can experience the historical value of the unique collection and also the library for interested visitors and researches. In addition to enjoying the creative architectural design of the museum and its attractive land scape which is enriching the beauty of the Doha corniche and the waterfront.

4.4. Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum - Qatar
It is a private museum created by Sheikh Failsal Bin Qasim Al Thani who is a professional collector collected randomly during decades more than 15,000 artifacts from different types like ancient religion books,th-century ottoman bomb, traditional pearling boats, a Syrian traditional house which was shipped to Qatar before the war piece by piece and then re-built together again.
The museum is located 23 Km west of Doha in the state of Qatar, the recommendation of visiting this museum in Qatar is an advice to spend un-expected, funny and attractive activity that will remain in the memory of the visitors.

4.5. Visit Katara Cultural Village - Qatar
Visiting Katara Cultural Village is a very rich and enjoyable activity in Qatar, visitors will enjoy the several festivals that take place like the Pelastinian Heritage Festival, and the Traditional Dhow festival with other festivals of international culturels, visitors, as well, can see and enjoy the activities of the opera house home to the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.
The Katara Cultural Village include many facilities and activities (water sports, international restaurants, coffee shops, beatches and kids playing spots).