How Can I Still Make A Solid Profit Buying in Qatar

How can I still make a solid profit buying in Qatar

In Qatar region the population is still growing and was just a few years ago in an undersupply of good real-estate that affected sale prices and rent to increase YOY in double figures.

During 2019 Qatar real-estate market, particular within apartment sector prices have adjusted and dropped due to numerous world political and financial factors in addition to increase in supply to prepare for 2022 world cup. First time investors from 2006 -2008 have decided to enter into sellers market earlier than anticipated after a great 10 year yield creating excellent opportunities for new investors in Qatar.

Investors who entered into the Qatar market from 2006 – 2008 have effectively yielded comfortable above average of 8 % during this 10-year period and sell today with a property appreciation of 20 – 25%.
So they total return on the investment above 10.5%.

With the last years low deposit rate in mind an excellent return on investment. The above is surely not taking into account any cost of capital or additional profit on currency fluctuation in fact many of my international investors have gained additional on the currency accounts.

Property Hunter advisor can propose excellent opportunities for todays Doha buyers to invest at an average 15 % lesser cost price than at its peak in 2014 resulting in strong 6% + yield even thought rent values have dropped in Doha and within the pearl due to increase in corporate supply over the last 2 years.

Be ready to pick up prime property now on sale and secure your future income. Be bold take advantage of the current offers available on re-sale and off plan projects in The pearl and Lusail .