How long should I expect to keep a property before I make a profit?

How long should I expect to keep a property before I make a profit?

Regardless of the reasons behind your investments, I believe in a general strategy to invest with the initial objective to hold the asset for an initial period of a minimum 5 -7 years following delivery. During that period you will have yielded effectively. This time guide is preferable longer for end user investments, due to end users tend to add values by upgrading space and design for a better quality of life. Don’t forget your taste and priority of value, might not be the same of a critical future end-user, having their own hopes dreams and taste. If you do decide to upgrade an older property take the advice of your consultant, what the market appreciate for you to invest your money wisely.

Review your portfolio on a regular basis

One crucial key for all investments is regularly reviewing your investment portfolio, with your dedicated advisor semi annually to spot any trends and developments early on. This will allow you to plan to exit when appreciation of set goals has been achieved, in order to release capital to re-invest in better new national and international opportunities at the right time.

A dedicated advisor can guide you when it’s a time to sell and buy. Recommend what parts of your portfolio have the highest demand in the current market. To often sellers decide to exit, when they need to exit after the market has turned to the benefit of the buyers or to sell the less favorable assets. Similar to Buyers deciding they will only look for the cheapest available asset, without looking at what opportunity will bring the highest stable overtime return and capital gain.

Transparency is key in addition not to be emotionally attached to certain investment. Listen to your consultant and ask critical questions.

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