Lusail next stop !

Lusail next stop !
What area and what type of residential property can I Buy in Lusail?

Lusail is the talk of the town as the newest kid in class, but lets reflect upon what opportunities and benefits investors need to look for.

Affordability and flexible payment plan, allowing comfortable repayments, during construction and post delivery with no interest. This effectively allows the investor to enter into new development opportunities or to ad to an already existing real-estate portfolio with a minimum initial buy in. Get on the real-estate train without committing beyond capabilities today!

New areas and concepts are developed allowing the confident investor securing wealth within new developments

Erkyah and Yasmin city; Cities within the city of Lusail offers excellent variety of 1-3 bedroom apartments, within residential and recently re-leased mix use concept. A growing and strong appetite from buyers over the past year within this area, this is due to variety of factors to mention a few; Connectivity via rail and metro networks, will shorten transport and bring its resident across town within minutes in addition to easy access to Al Khor Coastal Rd highway . Strategically close to Lusail stadium, entertainment city, Vendome and the upcoming waterpark and leisure island of Quetafan North. Combined with affordability and tailored payment plans have resulted in strong response.

Lusail marina
Apartments off plan are lately launched within Lusail marina, where high net individuals and developers own the majority of buildings. Particular apartment opportunities, is keeping investor earlier mainly looking and preferring The pearl, on the watch out for more efficient layouts and new buildings, when buying into new real-estate.

Recent released plot within residential project, in Quetafan, offers opportunity of Lands located uniquely with garden and waterfront views. This concept is showing great potential of growth and opportunity for the middle to high-end investor category. Location and selection of the best plot with the highest expected capital growth, should be determine in co-operation with a specialist independent advisor, who understand the LAP of the area. Choosing the right location will have an impact on the future demand and anticipated appreciation.

Lands have shown to be the best appreciation of investment over time, however today restriction on developing the lands have been put in place, particular in freehold and lease hold areas. The days of picking up prime location of lands allowing it to appreciate with minimal development and upkeep are of the past and should be kept in mind prior to commitments.

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