Off-plan or Ready Property Pros and Cons

Off-plan or Ready Property Pros and Cons
Many investors are reflecting if this good time to invest and buy new real estate in Doha Qatar. But what to buy today in 2020 Qatar, with so many options to chose from off plan as ready properties.

Best strategy is to contact Property Hunter advisor for an non binding discussion to get and overview of what is actually out there. Before you decided to investigate and educate yourself about Qatar real-estate investment opportunities anno 2020. You should ask yourself some questions to make your questions more specific and your search targeted.

Firstly you need to determine your financial capabilities, if you wish to buy cash or finance with your bank or go for a short period payment plan with zero to low interest directly from the developer allowing you to upgrade and buy a bigger apartment and pay less interest. Establish how much cash flow you have on hand now always keep a buffer not to limit your options once you shortlist the right property wheather that may be in The Pearl Qatar Porto Arabia viva Bahria districts, Lusail or Doha.

Start with listing your must haves? How much money am I willing and capable to invest in Qatar and how much am I willing to repay monthly. Have a quick talk with your banker to get a direction of your position.
Would a 1 bedroom be a good step stone or is your target to possible live in the property in the future and you need to look for 2,3 or 4 bedrooms. Then decide what is your like to have features and benefits to structure your target and goal. Is location space view and area within your must haves or like to have?

Then research the different towers developers’ history and qualities to have an understanding of what layout is most suited for your investment target or your new home.

Thirdly you will look at availability and offers within the market to achieve the best house buy match for you.

Then the viewing process start and you will dedicate time to either consult and decide from the comfort of your realtors office or schedule viewings, some properties are rented so be prepared to be flexible with your time. We at property Hunter have an in-depth understanding of this challenge to ensure compliance and co-operation with tenants respect there time when they are inviting you into there home.

Bear in mind new developing areas as Lusail is tend to have the best payment plans and growth opportunities. First time investors into an area or projects effectively gives the investor the opportunity to pick up the prime best of the pick with the longest payment schedule and lowest base price point.

In short an off plan investment gives you ease in your repayment and can increase your ROI significantly upon delivery with post delivery payments. Effectively your tenant will co-pay part of your investment. Hence you are not injecting 100% into the property you can buy and increase your property portfolio without stress. With reference to ready properties in Doha Qatar, you have no doubt of how much you can yield from it or you can move in with minimum delays even if the property sale price is higher you yield and enjoyment will start immediately.

Off plan property-finishing details will by norm be decided during the construction. The area might not develop as fast as you anticipated and the view and benefits are not truly going to be visual until delivery it’s a higher risk factor however tend also to have a higher appreciation. Where as ready property might be older need more maintenance but the features and benefits can be evaluated within the actual property and you can resell if needed to end-users and other investors following renovation or when you require cash flow.