Payment plan with zero interest was trending in Qatar 2019

Payment plan with zero interest was trending in Qatar 2019

Tailored payment plans offered with zero interests were trending in 2019 and are expected to continue on properties for sale into 2020. Low down payments combined with monthly installments are stimulating the investment appetite for Freehold and leasehold areas in Qatar predominant on offer within the pearl and Lusail. Increasing investors buying power and growing their future profit margins.

2020 Qatar New real-estate mega projects to be delivered

There are numerous opportunities today in Lusail and within The Pearl Qatar’s 2 main districts Viva Bahriya and Porto Arabia. Developers offering easy financing from 3 – 5 years including post delivery payments, exceptional giving zero interest on delivered and under construction projects. Property Hunter offers a range of project commercial and residential units, respectively with variation of tailored investment programs representing different benefits. Good opportunities for first time investors or add-ons for the more experienced investor.

Property Hunters most recent and from my perspective a fresh unique and exciting luxury opportunity is the option to buy prime location land on a 4-year payment plan scheme in the future exclusive island Qetaifan project in Lusail, developed by Qatari Diar. Land is in Qatar by norm not supported by regular mortgages offered by banks. This unique concept allows you to select a prime plot, at best value by buying in early offering the opportunity to build your private dream home, within an exclusive mundane community on a private waterfront island. Pay as you build with zero interest.

Reinvesting your return on your good yielding portfolio into this offer, will effectively reduce the final cost price of your build to taste home. In comparison when buying cash or financed re-sale older and ready properties, you end up investing more capital and time to upgrade.

Lets talk numbers

Today you can buy a plot starting from 8.8 QAR million with easy annual installments as low as 20 %, while you comfortable plan and build your house in Lusail exclusive private community, permitting you and your family to upgrade and tailor your future family home. This real-estate project you can buy with property Hunter at a competitive launched sale price anticipating final face to be released for sale in the near future for higher resulting increased growth value for your investment as the area mature within a short timeline to be fully developed including marina and lush green gardens within 3- 4 years.

Demands from ready buyers, for spacious modern quality standalone villas on gardens and waterfront plots, with a sale price around 20 - 25 million are a repeat enquiry we experience at Property Hunter and the availability are constantly low. Choose to buy as first entry investors in Lusail private gated community, join the club of smart investors gaining the highest possible return securing profit the day you sell.
The capital gains on stand-alone villas and lands verses apartments are YOY significantly higher, but this segment is mainly for the Elite and high net worth individual.

If your appetite to buy smaller investments or just starting collecting your real-estate nesting eggs, property hunter is offering exclusive deals within Al Erkyah and Yasmeen city at an average buy in starting from monthly installments from QAR 10000 for 1 bedroom until anticipated handover 2021 due to post handover payments your installment as an investor can then be supported by revenue from your investment, allowing you to look for new opportunities in accordance. Really the current market allows the young and mature generation to jump on the real-estate train.

Contact Property Hunter Luxury Real Estate and we will objectively advice you how you can reach your target and materialize your real-estate buying dreams for 2020 proposing the right location and view and naturally payment plan.