Real Estate is The Best Long Term Investment

Real Estate is the Best Long-Term Investment

Best long-time investment

What is the best long-term investment and is now the time to invest in real estate in Qatar, this question is on minds of majority of experienced and new investors.

The short answer is yes it’s the time to buy the tricky part is what to buy?

Experienced investors are aware you should buy, when market is soft effectively the ideal time to invest, with the strategy to hold the investment over a set period of time to ensure the best capital gain and high ROI.

To decide what to buy firstly determine together with your real-estate consultant, what in fact are your priorities, objective and capability to determine the size of the investment. Following this discussion a clear objective is set, allowing your advisor to suggest and if needed source the best investment to achieve your target and goals.

Advice to Buyers today

What type of investor you are will determine what is the best long-term investment for you!

Value your time and consult with the right people. Why waist your time to look at small to medium size lands, that might have the highest potential growth, if your budget do not allow you to pursue this segment and you are looking for an investment with immediate stable return, then this should be on top of your must have list. Similar if your objective is to move away from rent to own your residence, a possible strategy on investing in off plan opportunities will provide you with the best solution over time. However if your objective is to divert your rent payment into immediate mortgage repayments, then ready or soon ready properties should be prioritized. As an investor you don’t have to love all your investment as your own home, only be satisfied with the potential return and capital gain it will have in todays and future market.

Are you an End-user or investor?
Why rent when you can buy? Everyone should ask himself or herself this question. Make an appointment with a professional real-estate consultant, in addition to your banker, in order to decide if the best way for you is to keep renting and putting some cash a side. Or effectively invest in yourself and your own future financial independence by buying a home.

Maybe the right solution is to buy a smaller property, giving you the option to offset the rent on your current and future rent expense.

Highest capital gain and return
What area and what type of property should I invest in?

Lusail is the talk of the town as the newest kid in class, but lets reflect upon what opportunities and benefits investors need to look for.

Affordability and flexible payment plan, allowing comfortable repayments, during construction and post delivery with no interest. This effectively allows the investor to enter into new development opportunities or to ad to an already existing real-estate portfolio with a minimum initial buy in. Get on the real-estate train without committing beyond capabilities today!

New areas and concepts are developed allowing the confident investor securing wealth within new developments

Erkyah and Yasmin city; Cities within the city of Lusail offers excellent variety of 1-3 bedroom apartments, within residential and recently re-leased mix use concept. A growing and strong appetite from buyers over the past year within this area, this is due to variety of factors to mention a few; Connectivity via rail and metro networks, will shorten transport and bring its resident across town within minutes in addition to easy access to Al Khor Coastal Rd highway . Strategically close to Lusail stadium, entertainment city, Vendome and the upcoming waterpark and leisure island of Qetaifan North. Combined with affordability and tailored payment plans have resulted in strong response.

Lusail marina
Apartments off plan are lately launched within Lusail marina, where high net individuals and developers own the majority of buildings. Particular apartment opportunities, is keeping investor earlier mainly looking and preferring The pearl, on the watch out for more efficient layouts and new buildings, when buying into new real-estate.

Recent released plot within residential project, in Qetaifan, offers opportunity of Lands located uniquely with garden and waterfront views. This concept is showing great potential of growth and opportunity for the middle to high-end investor category. Location and selection of the best plot with the highest expected capital growth, should be determine in co-operation with a specialist independent advisor, who understand the LAP of the area. Choosing the right location will have an impact on the future demand and anticipated appreciation.

Lands have shown to be the best appreciation of investment over time, however today restriction on developing the lands have been put in place, particular in freehold and lease hold areas. The days of picking up prime location of lands allowing it to appreciate with minimal development and upkeep are of the past and should be kept in mind prior to commitments.

Lusail Commercial space

Commercial space is now available for sale within Lusail marina. A rare concept, which deserves deeper reflection and evaluation. Without discussion the pressure on available commercial space for rent, is and will continue to increase over the coming years. However the opportunity to purchase smaller offices, on post delivery payment plan, within Lusail marina is a fresh new concept catering to individuals, with an appetite to diverse from pure residential investments. It’s a great potential for stable and growing SME Corporations; currently renting their offices now have opportunity to own their office, An option to off set part of their rent directly into a future asset, via post delivery payment plans. Its strongly recommendable for national and international companies to establish, their capability to effectively, within a reasonable period of time to purchase their operation space, allowing reduction of their cost of rent and to release future capital for growth and higher profit margins, while gaining an asset in the process.

The Pearl Qatar

The pearl is today the largest delivered freehold waterfront development available in Qatar. Variety of size and quality throughout the different districts are available on resale and within new projects launched. Catering to the distinguished palace and villa buyer and simultaneously the smaller investors looking for apartments or townhouse concepts. Q 3 and Q 4 2019 has seen fantastic opportunities of the last decade investors having yielded well relocating their investments, into new concepts allowing todays buyers opportunities within the re-sale market. Definitely a excellent time to consider, if you did not already invest into this market when it was un-developed.

How long should I expect to keep a property before I make a profit?

Regardless of the reasons behind your investments, I believe in a general strategy to invest with the initial objective to hold the asset for an initial period of a minimum 5 -7 years following delivery. During that period you will have yielded effectively. This time guide is preferable longer for end user investments, due to end users tend to add values by upgrading space and design for a better quality of life. Don’t forget your taste and priority of value, might not be the same of a critical future end-user, having their own hopes dreams and taste. If you do decide to upgrade an older property take the advice of your consultant, what the market appreciate for you to invest your money wisely.

Review your portfolio on a regular basis

One crucial key for all investments is regularly reviewing your investment portfolio, with your dedicated advisor semi annually to spot any trends and developments early on. This will allow you to plan to exit when appreciation of set goals has been achieved, in order to release capital to re-invest in better new national and international opportunities at the right time.

Importance of dedicated advisors

It’s natural common sense to go to a specialist for your medical Tieck-ups to maintain our physical health and appearance following the advice of our physician.

As your doctor professional real-estate advisor, is important to your financial health in order to grow maintain and ensure best performance of your real estate portfolio. So choose wisely, ask to have a face-to-face consultation to ensure trust and that you are in the best of hands. If you are not confident in the person you are dealing, with ask for a senior manager/consultant to be part of the strategy planning, then your sales consultant can be with you for the viewings and selections, when its time to make a commitment you should feel at ease.

Want to become a VIP investor choose your dedicated VIP advisor

A dedicated advisor can guide you when it’s a time to sell and buy. Recommend what parts of your portfolio have the highest demand in the current market. To often sellers decide to exit, when they need to exit after the market has turned to the benefit of the buyers or to sell the less favorable assets. Similar to Buyers deciding they will only look for the cheapest available asset, without looking at what opportunity will bring the highest stable overtime return and capital gain.

Transparency is key in addition not to be emotionally attached to certain investment. Listen to your consultant and ask critical questions.

Look to the future and buy prime location

Be bold be courageous look for the future.

My advice to today and future buyers is clear purchase prime location with unique and popular layouts and views, whether buying off plan or ready properties; market will always have a stronger and larger appetite from future buyers and tenants on excellent views and layouts ensuring diversity and stability, within your growing real-estate portfolio. Offers and opportunities can be secured and tailored to your current situation and objective.

To often we experience buyers drive their decision on selection, with the main objective on purchase price deselecting pricier prime locations in the process. I anticipate future increased competition from new areas and developments so look out and make sure you buy the best.

Local Area Plans can be difficult to absorb and will always be clearer for an experienced property advisor, so value their expertise its worth your time and money!

Conclusive now is the time to evaluate if you are ready to snap up those prime investment objects or offload some in the process, which will bring you stable income and build your future strong real-estate portfolio be critical and invest wisely!

At property Hunter we are looking forward to have a non-binding in depth consultation and proud to be part of our clients financial independence and growth.