Why Rent Office When You Can Buy It!

Lusail Commercial space

Commercial space is now available for sale within Lusail marina. A rare concept, which deserves deeper reflection and evaluation. Without discussion the pressure on available commercial space for rent, is and will continue to increase over the coming years. However the opportunity to purchase smaller offices, on post delivery payment plan, within Lusail marina is a fresh new concept catering to individuals, with an appetite to diverse from pure residential investments. It’s a great potential for stable and growing SME Corporations; currently renting their offices, now have opportunity to own their office, An option to off set part of their rent directly into a future asset, via post delivery payment plans.

Its strongly recommendable for national and international companies to evaluate and establish, their capability to effectively, within a reasonable period of time to purchase their operation space, allowing reduction of their cost of rent and to release future capital for growth and higher profit margins, while gaining an asset in the process.

If you own a company in Qatar with a stable or growing operation why are you paying rent? Priorities your time and money invest your time and call property hunter to hear, if an supreme office in Lusail Marina is with your current specifications is available for sale.

Will you keep going and pay rent straight into the pockets of other landlords as you have done it for years? Instead buy your own office with a 3 years post delivery payment plan allowing your company to gain an asset as if you were paying rent over approximately the next 9-10 years reduce your expenses increase future profit, any entrepreneur like the sound of that!

No offer have ever been available similar in Qatar. You owe it to yourself to explore your commercial Space retail offices that are available for Sale.