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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For Buyers and Sellers

Why should I use a professional real estate service?

As a seller evaluation of your property is key to closure and achieving a success full sale. Your advisor will ensure you are pricing is realistic, competitive and in accordance with the current market.

Your Realtor has their finger on the pulse, dynamics and developments within the market. They know what properties are in demand, new developments in the pipeline and can advice you on what strategy to be used in achieving your objective.

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How many homes should I see before taking the final decision?

If you are a first time buyer in the market you may want first hand to see what is the different quality and features of the offered options in the market to establish an understanding of value.

Typically a first time buyer according to strata will view four to eight homes before committing to the right property, however large percent of buyers are after 3 viewings ready to present their offer. Key is you are communicating with your selected realtor and the right shortlist is agreed from the beginning.

Can more than 1 person own a property?

Yes you can purchase as joint buyers and co-own the property very common between family members.

Do you sell international properties?

We are specialist in the local market with a growing international presence.

What type of property do you offer for sale?

We have wide varieties of options of off plan projects and ready residential and commercial properties. Ranging from Apartments; studios, penthouses, townhouses, lands, plots, villas, office spaces, showrooms, hotel apartments and suits, commercial buildings, residential buildings, VIP towers and hotel projects

I would like to see the apartment. How can I book a time?

You may send an inquiry through our website, or reach us through our contact details, following an advisor will have an in-depth consultation and schedule a viewing.

Do you facilitate relocation?

No, we do not offer relocation services.

What are the average sale prices in Qatar?

There is a large range of pricing depending on the area, features and facilities. We can provide you with the suitable answers for your questions once we can determine your specific objective. We suggest you have a look at our available properties on our website.

Can any nationality purchase in Qatar?

Non-Qataris can purchase freehold and leasehold properties in designated areas of Qatar. You can currently purchase within two Freehold areas: The Pearl Qatar, Zigzag Towers & West bay Lagoon.

The 18 Leasehold zones properties for foreigners are interred into a 99-year usufruct leasehold agreement. Upon expiration, the lease can be renewed or the land will revert to the original developer seller: Current lease hold zoned in Qatar: Musheireb, Frij Abdul Aziz, Doha Jadeed, Ghanem Al Qadeem, Al Rifa Al Hitmi, Al Salata, Bin Mahmoud, Bin Mahmoud, Rawdat Al Khail, Al Mansoura - Bin Dirham, Umm Ghuwailina, Al Khulaifat, Al Sadd, New Mirqab - Al Nasser, Doha International airport, Al Dafna & Onaiza & Al Qitar, Lusail, Al Kharaij and Jebel Thiya.

Do I have to provide the purchase agreement related forms?

We facilitate paper work through our contract and account department and provide our clients with up-to-date legally binding documents occasional we need to ask for additional documents and requirements, which you will need to provide us with under owner authority.

How long it will take to finalize a sale process and have my property handover?

It depends on many criteria financial procedures, paper works and approvals from the interested parties and authorities majority of sale finalize within 30 - 45 days of intent to purchase is accepted.

Why should I buy in Qatar?

We simply believe 'why rent if you can buy'. Your rental expenses become someone else's savings - why not invest the money yourself? Choosing to own property in Qatar is a good investment vehicle, whether your option is to live in the property yourself or rent it out.

There have been many reports of expected increases in property prices in Qatar due to the FIFA 2022 World Cup and the subsequent necessary developments to local infrastructure. While these reports may show varying facts and figures. Following the unexpected siege in 2017 did have an effect on the initial confidence in the stability of the market. What now is evident is that people are feeling optimistic about the property market here. Sale prices and rental income are showing stability and increased demand, confidence and growth within our specialized areas of Doha, assuring you from a world wide reference a positive return on your investment.

I heard I can get a Residence Permit when I buy a property - is that true?

Yes, you can apply for a residence permit when you are a homeowner. This is not a work permit but will allow you to live in the country, without an employer sponsoring you. We have assisted several of our clients in this process; we can provide you with a list of requirements and fees upon request.

Can expatriates obtain mortgages?

Yes, you can apply to one of the banks here in Qatar. Property Hunter does not provide financial services, however can recommend banks and other financial institutions to offer advice where appropriate.

So many choices how to determine what you want to buy?

Due your due diligence and ask your advisor as many question you need to feel comfortable, evaluate their image, social media, websites and customer feedback once content trust they are working for you. Be transparent with your dedicated consultant if you are not sure of, what you are looking for; describe what in the first place are your key triggers in investing. Give them feedback tell them what you like and don't like and if you have a specific return you are targeting. A good advisor will help you to reach your goals satisfactory resulting in buying the property fit for you.

When to buy?

Experienced realtors know what is hot and what is not. Be realistic and open-minded you might have to spend a little more than you budgeted to achieve closing on your dream home. The realtor market is dynamic and is always moving if you are a repeat property investor it's recommendable to have a trustful relationship with your realtor. If they know and experience you are ready, willing and capable for the right investment they will follow up with you once that opportunity is in hand.

Not happy with your realtor, but like their products what to do?

You are the client never forget that, you are expecting a high level of service and you deserve only the best. Call the company and ask for management to allocate someone else to be your consultant. A professional company will value your feedback. It might be chemistry or language barriers or you just don's feel they get what is important to you, tell them straight up you like to be contacted by someone else within the hour.

What is a home inspection?

During a home inspection your realtor can in details assess the property determine the value highlighting the property strength and weaknesses if any a few of the factors that is taking into consideration is demand, location, status, view and benefits. Stage your property you want it to look the best stand out in a clean and appealing condition. Your goal is to sell!

My property is rented can I still sell it?

If you are not the resident of your property and it's a good investment the property might be rented. This is not a problem it can be appealing to investors they already have a confirmed ROI. However since viewings need to be coordinated your buyers might not be able to view the property whenever they want. Introduce your tenant to your realtor letting them know you appreciate their co-operation on viewing request and photo shoots is the best approach.

I want to sell my property. What type of documents needed from me?

When you want to sell your property typically you need to provide and acknowledgement “listing form “ allowing the company to market your property. Confirming your asking price, bank if mortgaged, their fees charges and specification of the property. Proof of ownership, this can be a deed or sale and purchase agreement

Identification: ID and passport

Rental agreements: confirming the contact details and terms of the lease

Service charges: Your latest statement

What is the difference between the Sale & Purchase Agreement & the Deed?

SPA (sale and purchase agreement) is the preliminary proof of ownership prior to the governmental official deed past survey is issued. It can take years from buying a property to the deed application options can be exercised. Once its possible you will need to complete this step.

My property is financed through bank can I still sell?

Yes you can, just make sure to advice your broker since the sale process is different; hence a third party is involved. Its advisable to verify your current outstanding with your bank and if they will charge you any additional closing fees upon sale.

What is a counteroffer?

Once you have an offer from a buyer you can decide to accept the offer or enter into negotiation with the buyer and you can decide to ask for a higher price. Doing so you are risking the buyer will walk away or he might reevaluate his offer and accept your new approved closing price.

I am selling my property what costs will I have for closing a sale deal?

There is set cost and variables depending on what property you own. Some of the major expected set resale cost

  • Brokerage fee to the Realtor who successfully closed the deal.
  • Developer fees payable to the developer you bought from either in the form of a fixed fee or a % that varies between 0 – 2.5% of sale price.
  • Solid experience in supporting first-time home buyers, providing them with comprehensive advice regarding all rules, regulations and potential opportunities to support achieving the ideal decision for each client case.
  • Bank loan closing charges: Varies typically from 0 – 1 % of the outstanding loan value clarify with your banker.
  • Deed fee payable to municipality.
  • Service charges and Utility Bills: Need to be cleared
  • Bank liability: commonly closed from the proceeds of the sale

What cost should I bear in mind when buying a new home?

We can provide a full list of fees and charges applicable to property purchase in Qatar which generally include the price of your new home, developer fees, ministry fees and utility deposit charges

Do I have to pay any tax or fees on property regularly?

Currently there is no property tax in Qatar however you have to pay service charges to the master community and co-owner association charges towards the building both fees are non-profit any additional money left in the budget gets credited to you the following fiscal year.

How long it will take to sell my property?

The answer to this question is not fixed an depends on my factors, But more likely, how long it takes to sell a house depends on the following factors, location, local market, condition and features, asking price, restate agency hired, and season.

When is the best time to sell my home?

The best time to sell a home will be variable depends on many factors and circumstances: location and community, price, season, status of the property, landlord's requirements, when you purchased your property and targeted growth you have obtained. Investors dominate Qatar freehold area; due to that factor there is not a specific high season where homeowners tend to move.

How is the market right now?

There are numerous factors affect the real estate market demand and supply, Interest rates, economic growth, demographics, mortgage availability and consumer confidence. For investors who have hold their properties for numerous years now can be a good time to sell and take advantage of new opportunities with aggressive payment plans whom has a great growth and return potential. We as expert in the local market will share with you the status of the real estate market and provide the proper advice to achieve your target.

How much is my home worth?

The value of the property can be variable according to many factors like the location, neighborhood, status of the property, size (sq.m), features of the home, floor plan, and other related factors. Before pricing and advise about the value of any property, we do in-depth evaluation and market analysis in addition to the professional advice from our experienced advisors.

Do I have to be present for any scheduled viewing to my apartment?

No, You do not have to; we take care of everything on behalf of you.

How to prepare my home for selling or renting?

In order to get the best deal for your property, you need to take some time to stage it, so that it looks fresh and intriguing.

We assist our landlords about the common desirable features and requirements to get higher chance and win picky buyers and tenants over.
Cleaning, painting your home, repairing any defects and making sure any appliances are working and are in good condition will improve the score of your property.

We advise sellers to verify their liabilities, service charge status and financial obligations to finalize any pending, in order to facilitate the selling process more efficiently.

Should I include furniture and appliances or leave them as negotiable?

The decision whether to include furniture appliances is ultimately up to the seller. Another thing to be considered, the appliances and furniture do not add much value to a home, but can bring your property to top of the buyers shortlist if standard is kept high. We recommend a modern and minimalistic approach to appeal to the majority of buyers.

How do you plan on marketing my home?

We have our own photographers and marketing department. They are responsible to market your property and offer it in a proper way through various media channels to guarantee it has high exposure in the market. This is very important to be effective and professional to maximize your exposure to the right segment of buyers for your home.

How do I know about the feedback and the leads received?

One of our priorities is to keep the landlords up to dated with the performance of their properties in accordance to the market status. You should expect to hear from your advisor once a week when selling your home.


What are the most common areas to live in Doha?

Selection of the most famous residential areas in Doha: The Pearl, Al Duhail Lusail, West Bay, West Bay Lagoon, AL Sadd, Al Nasser, Al Waab, Bin Mahmoud, Abu Hamour, Al Wakra, Al Gharrafa, AL Rayyan, Old Airport, Al Mansoura, Bin Omran,

Do you have properties for short-term lease?

Yes we do provide short-term lease service.

Can I rent the property for more than one year?

The lease period and the duration of Tenancy Contract will be subject to approval from the landlord of the property.

Can I pay the security deposit by cash?

Usually any issues related the payment would be subject to approval from the landlord of the property.

Do you provide deep cleaning service before moving into the property?

We do not provide this kind of service, however we can assist you and advise on setting your expectations. The landlords sometimes are willing to do so subject to approval.

Do you provide repairs and maintenance?

We are not responsible for repairs and maintenance following the finalization of the lease agreement and handover you need to contact your landlord or his dedicated provider, however we do assist you in co-ordination with the owner or provider as much as possible.

Can I pay the security deposit by cash?

Usually any issues related the payment would be subject to approval from the landlord of the property.

Do I have to provide the contract or related forms?

We take care of any paper work and related transactions through our contract and account department, and we do provide our clients with up-to-date legally binding documents. However we may sometimes ask for additional documents and requirements legally required to be done by you.

I am still new to Doha and do not have Qatari ID and RP, can I rent a property?

Yes you can rent certain properties. You will need to provide a copy of your passport and approval from your sponsor and /or Letter from your work place.

What documents do I need to provide to rent property?

  • Copy of your Qatari ID
  • Copy of Residence Permit (RP)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Cheque Book
  • If you will rent through your company, you will need additional documents from the company (ID of the owner/ sponsor, Company Registration Card CR and Letter from the Company).
  • You might need to provide additional documents according to the conditions.

Will I be able to terminate the tenancy agreement?

It depends on the terms & conditions of your tenancy agreement.

Do you charge any fees?

Yes, we do charge agency fee depends on the type of service.