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Buying a Property in Qatar The Pearl Qatar

Buying a Property in Qatar the pearl qatar - Are you a first time home buyer willing to live in the pearl Qatar? Over the past few years,
Qatar has undergone remarkable transformation in terms of economic growth and
the development of its environment. And now Qatar is ranked one of the safest
countries along with top ranked as one of the most richest countries in the world..
Due to it’s rapid development and economic growth, expats and non-qataris are
willing to move to qatar for many purposes such as work, environmental change,
career development, investment and many opportunities Qatar is willing to offer.

So, if you’re willing to buy a property in Qatar in terms of investment or moving to
a new home, here are some perfect options for you.

To begin with, due to various career and societal developments, expats are
welcomed to get a free-hold ownership in order to buy a property in Qatar, whether
you’re an investor or first-time home buyer. Here’s what you need to know, If you
are an expat and willing to gain a free-hold ownership, then you are welcomed to
own properties in The Pearl, West Bay Lagoon, Lusail City and West Bay
Diplomatic Area. Expats can also legally buy 99-year leasehold rights to
residential units in The Pearl and West Bay Lagoon. Some developers advise
initially whether it is legal for foreigners to purchase a specific property. For
getting a freehold or a leasehold ownership in Qatar, However, registering a real
estate property must go under a process of verification by Ministry of Justice Real
Estate registration department or Doha municipality.

A Great Chance For Foreigners

Are you a foreigner and willing to invest or reside in Qatar? You as a property
buyer can avail a residency permit if you buy a property in the Pearl which is
iconed as the most luxurious residential and commercial area in the Middle East. It
is a great chance for foreigners to invest because the population of expats is hitting
the milestone which can result in high property demand according to Qatari Labor
Law. The expats can buy properties available in the pearl such as Villas,
townhouses, Penthouses and luxury apartments. The Pearl development can play a

key role in helping foreigners to buy a property in Qatar in order to invest or move
there due to career developments or societal change.

To buy a property in Qatar due to investments reasons sounds a good decision.
Since Qatar is a tax free country, there is no tax on property nor rental income.

Qatari Real Estate Market

So, if you are willing to buy a property in Qatar or invest in a property, you must
have a good insight of the real estate market in Qatar.

The Qatari real estate market has been seeing further growth for the past few years
due to various factors such as government support and legislative changes. Since
the country is developing, there are many ongoing projects in the country such as
Lusail City, Musheireb city and Qatar’s national 2030 vision along with the
upcoming 2022 Fifa World Cup Stadiums which is quite attractive for
foreigners.The real estate industry of Qatar is predicted to be growing at a much
faster rate due to its strategically planned ongoing and sustainable projects. So, if
you’re planning to rent, buy or to make large-scale investments, contact Property
Hunter to get the best and luxury real estate consultation services right away.