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Property Hunter Services

What type of Consulting Services we can offer?

    Residential and Commercial Sale For Buyers

  • Our highly trained and professional experts team will review and evaluate our client's needs and requirements.
  • Develop a customized consulting alternatives, to respond to each client requirements, needs and capabilities and matching it with available suitable opportunities.
  • Solid experience in supporting first-time home buyers, providing them with comprehensive advice regarding all rules, regulations and potential opportunities to support achieving the ideal decision for each client case.
  • Providing full package of services to our clients, including but not limited to, evaluating requirements and linking it with available opportunities, viewing, negotiation, drafting agreements and contracting, follow up transactions monitoring, closing processes, after sales services and follow up.
  • Providing consulting opportunities for Real Estate investing option in international markets or for residence permits or any other purposes.

unquestionable experience in luxury real estate market in Qatar

    For Landlords and Sellers

  • Our highly trained and professional experts team will review and evaluate the potentiality of the proposed opportunity.
  • Providing our - free of cost - evaluation and assessment report, our report will include a professional advice based on the latest Real-Estate market indicators and analysis and the general economic indicators on macro level.
  • Develop customized market research, potential alternatives of investment, linking landlords and sellers with investors and buyers database that are targeting similar categories.
  • Develop a business plan to promote the opportunity including targeted segments, estimate cost of selling process, targeting the highest pricing level possible.
  • Negotiation management and full operational support during different levels of the process.
  • Manage and conduct full business development package for prompting each opportunity, including and not limited to, defining the potential investment opportunities, targeting potential buyers and renters, developing the proper and efficient marketing mix, providing full operation process support and management, closing deals and provide after sales service and follow up.
  • Market leading: Our professional team has the highest market records in achieving successfully closed deals in this sector.

Innovative marketing plan and
Advanced real estate system

    For Investors

  • Deep knowledge and experience in the luxury real-estate sector, and its financial ratios and indicators.
  • Follow up updated market analysis, new potential investments and build long term strategic relationship with VIP investors, landlords and project developers.
  • Providing interested investors with investment detailed investment analysis including financial forecasts , return on investment, cash flow and other financial ratios and indicators.
  • Access to luxury properties and VIP projects.
  • Providing several investment alternatives packages.
  • Wide and updated database for VIP investors.
    Regional and International presence

  • Projects for Reputable developers in Europe , Cyprus UK, GCC region.
  • Safe and secure investment opportunities.
  • Completed projects and off-plan.