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Expat Life in Qatar

Expat Life in Qatar
Are you a foreigner and planning to move to Qatar? Are you wondering
what it's like to live as an expat in Qatar? Here's a good thing to know,
Qatar welcomes various foreigners such as young graduates and
professionals to who are wishing to gain experience and pursuing their
career in the workforce in the top ranked richest country in the world.

With Qatar's continued development for the Fifa World Cup and 2030
Vision along with its booming oil and gas sector. Despite its strong
economy, Qatar is a very cultural diverse country with a large community of
expats existing in various sectors such as educational, work-force and

What do you need to know and what to expect.

Qatar offers various job opportunities and attractive salaries due to its
strong economy and non-existent tax rate. It welcomes various foreigners
to discover the culture and the lifestyle of this country. If you are a foreigner
and deciding to move to Qatar but you want to have an insight of how it's
like to live as an expat.
Here are few things.

Qatar's Success

Qatar's continued success and development has attracted many foreigners
to reside in Qatar. The success of Qatar involves that it is ranked as the top
richest country in the world and its continued development for the Fifa 2022
World Cup. As there's rapid growth in Qatar's economic sectors due to oil,
gas and active participation in foreign investments, Qatar's economy shows
robust performance with rapid increase in GDP by 4% in 2018.

Moreover, with the hope of Qatar National Vision 2030, the vision
constitutes beacon that guides to social, economic, human and the
environmental development of the country in the coming decades.

Employment in Qatar

One of the major attractions of Qatar is that it's a tax free country As Qatar
continues to development, requirements for foreigners in various
educational and career development sectors becomes essential. You can
secure a job in Qatar prior to the arrival date.The employment sector and
positions for expats range from private work sectors, educational and
governmental sectors.

Culture of Qatar and its diversification

Qatar is one of those countries keen to accept people from different
cultures. The cultural society in Qatar is very diverse. However, there are
some certain rules of following the religious guidelines in the country such
as non-exposed dress codes in public environment.

Many expats tend to adapt to the culture of Qatar and it's traditions
considering it's diversity. Qatar consists of large number of expats of
different cultures.Qatar's Arabian culture and religious traditions are still
prevalent in everyday life.


Qatar's climate is the main thing loved by many expatriates and foreigners.
The climate tends to be warm and it's 50 degrees during summer. But
towards the end of summer, the sun is on its peak with cool winds. Many
expatriates tend to like this climate considering its change for them to get
exposed to a balanced weather compare to western climate with extreme

Education in Qatar

The Qatar's national vision sees consecutive growth in the youth of Qatar
and upcoming generations. The national vision also focuses on quality
education in Qatar and delivering the best education which is internationally
recognized and accredited. The rapid growth of establishments in
education has resulted in various nurseries, primary and secondary schools
along with specialised curriculums for special need students.

Qatar Foundation

Qatar has also semi-chartered non profit organization in Qatar called the
Qatar Foundation which specialises in world-class quality education to
support Qatar on its journey from a carbon economy to a knowledge
economy by unlocking the potential in the students of Qatar. It consists of
various research centers, 11 internationally accredited schools that offers
the standard International Baccalaureate Curriculum along with 12 top
ranked universities in the world which are the members of Qatar
Foundation. The main campuses of these universities are located in
Education City.

These universities range from computing and engineering technology to
majors ranging from medicine to foreign affairs studies.
Therefore, Qatar foundation is center for research and career development
offering opportunity for foreigners to continue their career in the top
universities. However, these universities are highly competitive and only
qualified students are subject to selection.

Attractions in Qatar

Just few years ago, Qatar's skyline has been a scenery panorama of plane
desert; the only thing that existed between the coastlines was a Sheraton
Hotel. And now, the coastline is surrounded with various commercial
building making up the Doha skyline becoming one of the favorite
attractions for tourists and locals, which is located in Doha corniche.

Other attractions range from cultural venues such as Katara Cultural
Village and Souq Waqif which represent the culture of Qatar and it's
traditions with its Arabian-vintage architecture to symbolize that Qatar
tends to inherit in its cultural value despite the modernization that's taking

If it's a sunny day and you're planning to go for watersports with your
children and your family, aqua park is ideal place to indulge in watersports
whether you're just in the mood for swimming or taking those water rides
with your kids, Aqua Park is the place for you.

Other venues include desert safari, beaches, large number of malls located
in various areas of Qatar

Banana Island resort Doha by Anantara is a crescent of Golden beach with
over water villas just off the coast of downtown Doha. It is an escape for
family adventures, ocean thrills or serene spa bliss.

Cost of living

Whatever your reasons include for spending your time in qatar whether its
for vacation or you're finally relocating to qatar because you just accepted a
job offer. There's no doubt that the cost of living in Qatar can be relatively
very high due to the high standards of living in Qatar, but the salaries and
benefits can help the expats balance the budget depending on their

The cost of living also includes accommodation and transportation. The
rental costs range from 3000 QAR to 12000 QAR depending on the
location and type of residential unit. Other costs that must be considered in
transportation cost which sometimes are covered in monthly budget, the
good news is, the petrol in Qatar is generally cheaper so transportation
costs are genuinely not an issue considering they are usually covered in
monthly budgets.

The role of women in a Qatari society.

Since the past few years,the women in Qatar has taken a lead role in
education and workforce. They play a significant role in Qatar's
development, supported by the political leadership and the society without
requiring to forego the islamic culture and tradition, the women in Qatar
continue to dominate various leadership roles in Qatar which being said,
the women are treated fairly in all sectors of Qatar whether workforce or
education. As part of Qatar's National Vision 2030, there are various
various legislations, policies and national strategies adopted to empower

women and provide them with the opportunity to actively participate in the
development process

Family visas

In order to get family visa in Qatar, one must go through immigration
processes and get to know all the details required to get a residency permit
in Qatar. Please visit www.moi.gov.qa for further details